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Bedalov, Zark:
Practical power plant engineering : a guide for early career engineers / Zark Bedalov. - Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2020. - xvii, 650 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 231 mm
A comprehensive guide to the engineering concepts and methods of practical design and equipment selection and operation of power and industrial plantsPractical Power Plant Engineering offers engineers, new to the profession, a guide to the methods of practical design, equipment selection and operation of power and heavy industrial plants as practiced by experienced engineers. The author-a noted expert on the topic-draws on decades of practical experience working in a number of industries with
ever-changing technologies. This comprehensive book, written in 26 chapters, covers the electrical activities from plant design, development to commissioning. It is filled with descriptive examples, brief equipment data sheets, relay protection, engineering calculations, illustrations, and common-sense engineering approaches.The book explores the most relevant topics and reviews the industry standards and established engineering practices. For example, the author leads the reader through the
application of MV switchgear, MV controllers, MCCs and distribution lines in building plant power distribution systems, including calculations of interrupting duty for breakers and contactors. The text also contains useful information on the various types of concentrated and photovoltaic solar plants as well as wind farms with DFIG turbines. This important book:* Explains why and how to select the proper ratings for electrical equipment for specific applications* Includes information on the
critical requirements for designing power systems to meet the performance requirements* Presents tests of the electrical equipment that prove it is built to the required standards and will meet plant-specific operating requirementsWritten for both professional engineers early in their career and experienced engineers, Practical Power Plant Engineering is a must-have resource that offers the information needed to apply the concepts of power plant engineering in the real world. - Preface -Why This
Book? vii; Acknowledgments xv; About the Author xvii; 1 Plant from Design to Commissioning 1; 2 Plant Key One-Line Diagram 31; 3 Switching Equipment 75; 4 Designing Plant Layout 107; 5 SystemGrounding 121; 6 Site and Equipment Grounding 137; 7 Plant Lighting 157; 8 DC System, UPS 179; 9 Plant Power Distribution 191; 10 Insulation Coordination, Lightning Protection 209; 11 Voltage and Phasing Standards 239; 12 Cables and Supporting Equipment 253; 13 Power Factor Correction 285; 14 Motor Selection
303; 15 Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Harmonics 321; 16 Relay Protection and Coordination 341; 17 Plant Automation and Data Networking 379; 18 Generation 407; 19 Power Dispatch and Control 441; 20 Diesel Engine Generator Plant and Standby Power 461; 21 Reliability Considerations and Calculations 475; 22 Fire Protection 495; 23 Corrosion, Cathodic Protection 517; 24 Brief Equipment Specifications and Data Sheets 531; 25 Solar Power 567; 26 Wind Power 599; Index 643
ISBN 978-1-119-53494-5

Chaudhari, Bharat S.:
LPWAN technologies for IoT and M2M applications / edited by Bharat S. Chaudhari, Marco Zennaro. - London : Academic Press, 2020. - xxi, 424 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 235 mm
ISBN 978-0-12-818880-4

Führer, Arnold:
Elektrotechnik für das Studium : in 2 Bänden / Arnold Führer, Klaus Heidemann, Wolfgang Nerreter. - München : Hanser, Carl, 2019. - 608 Seiten : s/w
ISBN 3-446-46203-1 - ISBN 978-3-446-46203-8

Hacker, Viktor:
Electrical engineering : fundamentals / Viktor Hacker, Christof Sumereder. - Berlin : De Gruyter, [2020]. - XVI, 224 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme, 24 cm x 17 cm. - (De Gruyter Textbook)
ISBN 978-3-11-052102-3
Schlagwort: Elektrotechnik
RVK: ZN 3000

Lennert, Hans:
Tabellenbuch Elektrotechnik : mit Formelsammlung. - 7nd,Revised. - Christiani, Paul, 2020. - 672 p : 24 grams
Inhalt Tabellenbuch Elektrotechnik: ; • Grundlagen ; • Bauelemente der Elektrotechnik ; • Errichtung elektrischer Anlagen ; • Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe ; • Messtechnik und Sensorik ; • Automatisierungstechnik ; • Stromrichter ; • Installationstechnik ; • Technische Dokumentation ; • Informationstechnik ; • Industrie 4.0 ; • Berufsübergreifende Qualifikationen ; • Anhang ; • Sachwortverzeichnis ; • Short-Register als ausklappbarer Teil ; ; Inhalt Formelsammlung Elektrotechnik: ; •
Allgemeine Grundlagen ; • Flächenberechnung ; • Rechtwinkliges Dreieck ; • Volumen, Oberflächen ; • Kraft und Bewegung ; • Arbeit, Leistung, Wirkungsgrad ; • Wärme ; • Gleichstromtechnik ; • Elektrisches Feld ; • Magnetisches Feld ; • Wechselstromtechnik ; • Drehstromtechnik ; • Leistungsabrechnung ; • Blindleitungskompensation ; • Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe ; • Transformatoren ; • Lichttechnik ; • Logische Verknüpfungen ; • Elektronik
ISBN 978-3-95863-277-6

Ray, Papia:
Microgrid: Operation, Control, Monitoring and Protection. - 1st ed. 2020. - Singapore : Springer, 2020. - 339 p : 699 grams. - (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering ; 625)
Introduction.- Microgrid Systems.- Forecasting and Optimal Generation Scheduling of Renewable Sources in Hybrid Power System.- Techno Economic Feasibility Analysis of Photovoltaic-Wind-Diesel Hybrid Systems with and without Tracking Systems for Power Generation in mountainous region.- Role of Advanced Control Technologies in the Evolution of Microgrid.- Design of Linear and Non-linear Controllers for a Grid Connected PV system for Constant Voltage Applications.- Protection Challenges with
Microgrid.- Hybrid Islanding Detection Scheme for Microgrid.- Intelligent Relay Coordination Method for Microgrid.- Uninterrupted Power Supply to Microgrid System
ISBN 978-981-151-780-8

Resener, Mariana:
Handbook of Optimization in Electric Power Distribution Systems. - 1st ed. 2020. - Cham : Springer, 2020. - 382 p : 235 mm. - (Energy Systems)
Optimal Volt/Var Control Applied to Modern Distribution Systems.- Consensus Based Distributed Optimal ReactivePpower Control in Power Distribution Systems.- Linear Model to Represent Unbalanced Distribution Systems in Optimization Problems.- Convex Optimization for the Optimal Power Flow on DC Distribution Systems.- Energy Storage System Sitting and Sizing for Renewable Support.- Distribution System Operation with Energy Storage and Renewable Generation Uncertainty.- Network Reconfiguration in
Modern Power Distribution Networks.- Switch Optimization for Smart Grid Distribution Automation.- Optimal Restoration of Electrical Distribution Systems Considering Switching Sequence.- Electric Distribution Network Planning Under Uncertainty.- Phase Balancing in Power Distribution Grids: A Genetic Algorithm with a Group-based Codification.- Deterministic and Probabilistic Models for Energy Management in Distribution Systems
ISBN 978-3-030-36114-3

Ukil, Abhisek:
Intelligent systems and signal processing in power engineering : with ... 36 tables / Abhisek Ukil. - Berlin [u.a.] : Springer, 2007. - XV, 372 S. : Ill., graph. Darst. - (Power systems)
ISBN 3-540-73169-5 - ISBN 978-3-540-73169-6
Schlagwort: Elektrische Energietechnik, Lernendes System, Fuzzy-Logik, Neuronales Netz, Support-Vektor-Maschine
Schlagwort: Elektrizitätsversorgungsnetz, Signalverarbeitung, Digitalfilter, Adaptives Filter
RVK: ZN 8510

Wang, Hongzhi:
Wearable and Flexible Electronics : Aimed to Smart Clothing. - Weinheim : Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, 2019. - 450 p : 244 mm
ISBN 978-3-527-34534-2

Wang, Yi:
Smart Meter Data Analytics : Electricity Consumer Behavior Modeling, Aggregation, and Forecasting. - 1st ed. 2020. - Singapore : Springer, 2020. - 293 p : 595 grams
Overview for Smart Meter Data Analytics.- Smart Meter Data Compression Based on Load Feature Identification.- A Combined Data-Driven Approach for Electricity Theft Detection.- GAN-based Model for Residential Load Generation.- Ensemble Clustering for Individual Electricity Consumption Patterns Extraction.- Sparse and Redundant Representation-Based Partial Usage Pattern Extraction.- Data-Driven Personalized Price Design in Retail Market Using Smart Meter Data.- Deep Learning-Based Socio-
demographic Information Identification.- Cross-domain Feature Selection and Coding for Household Energy Behavior.- Clustering of Electricity Consumption Behavior Dynamics Toward Big Data Applications.- Enhancing Short-term Probabilistic Residential Load Forecasting with Quantile LSTM.- An Ensemble Forecasting Method for the Aggregated Load With Subprofiles.- Prospects of Future Research Issues on Smart Meter Data Analytics
ISBN 978-981-152-623-7

Wanhammar, Lars:
Digital Filters Using MATLAB. - 1st ed. 2020. - Cham : Springer, 2020. - 798 p : 2306 grams
This textbook provides comprehensive coverage for courses in the basics of design and implementation of digital filters. The book assumes only basic knowledge in digital signal processing and covers state-of-the-art methods for digital filter design and provides a simple route for the readers to design their own filters. The advanced mathematics that is required for the filter design is minimized by providing an extensive MATLAB toolbox with over 300 files. The book presents over 200 design
examples with MATLAB code and over 300 problems to be solved by the reader. The students can design and modify the code for their use. The book and the design examples cover almost all known design methods of frequency-selective digital filters as well as some of the authors’ own, unique techniques. - Discusses in detail state-of-the-art methods for advanced digital filter design;- Provides an extensive MATLAB for digital filter design which provides a simple route for the readers to design
their own filters;- Covers design of FIR filters, wave digital filters, frequency-response masking filters, sample rate converters, multirate filters, and hardware implementation techniques. - Introduction.- Signals and Transforms.- Discrete-Time and Digital Filters.- Filter Algorithms.- Finite Wordlength Effects.- Synthesis of Fir Filters.- Realization of Fir Filters.- Synthesis of Analog Filters.- Analog Filters with Lumped and Distributed Elements.- Synthesis of IIR Filters.- Wave Digital
Filters.- Ladder Wave Digital Filters.- Symmetric Wave Digital Filters.- Frequency-Response Masking Filters.- Sampling Rate Converters.- Multirate Filters.- Implementation of Digital Filters.- References.- Index.
ISBN 978-3-030-24062-2